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   Labelling machines that meet global standards Gold Great Good Machinery Company Ltd provides high performance labelling machines. ◎Influence (contribution) deeds Gold Great Good Machinery Co., Ltd has been in the packaging business since 1993, providing manufacturers in different industries with labelling machines designed and produced in Taiwan.According to general manager, Cai Linhui, participating in the Japan Packaging Exhibition Group was a turning point for the company. Their focus shifted to developing innovative labellers with speed, accuracy, and cutting specifications that meet the needs of manufacturers in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other sectors. Back in 2013, Gold Great Good set up a factory and introduced high end technology for labelling, despite the then ongoing industrial migration in Taiwan which impacted local demand for packaging. But it proved to be the right decision because the company became a model for the country’s industrial development. Over the years, it has also entered several markets including mainland China, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Environmentally friendly Sophisticated equipment and environmentally friendly label materials According to Mr. Linhui, they face competition from makers in Italy, the United States, and Germany, which understandably produce among the best packaging machines. “But our main advantage is high quality and reasonable price,” he said. New factories and the comprehensive update The company offers OPP hot melt labelling machines for round, square, and oval bottles, as well as PVC, OPS, PET heat shrinkable label automatic sleeve labelling machines for irregularly shaped bottles. The range also includes self-adhesive round bottle labelling machines and round bottle positioning labelling machines. They comply with international certifications, including CE(Our components will follow the CE certification). Having its own R&D and Design Center is surely an advantage for Gold Great Good, and this has been key to the high performance of its machinery, and continuing innovation. The company adheres to the principles of "fast, durable, easy to operate, and versatile," and has developed many advanced models. Many of these equipment have found their place in factories across the globe including those of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Uni-President, Kao, Baoqiao, Unilever, Jiage Foods, Kinmen Winery, and Japanese Water Plant. About 90% of Taiwan's water plants have adopted them and sold them all over the world. Jinlan Soy Sauce Plant and the Puli Mineral Water Plant also use OPP labelling machines. The company’s OPP Hot Melt Labelling Machine is widely used in labelling PET and glass bottles for drinks. Although the machine itself is relatively expensive, it contributes to lower production cost in the long run; aside from this, OPP labels are environmentally friendly. This machine can perform secondary processing as well as roll-up operation, that is, labelling, tracking and cutting. The speed is from 200~600 bottles per minute, according to customers’ needs. High Speed OPP/BOPP Labelling Machine The company’s Automatic High Speed OPP/BOPP Labelling Machine for round bottles is suitable for most beverages, edible oils, seasoning, and cleaners. This machine accounts for over 90% market share in Taiwan. The Auto Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine is designed to handle round, square, oval bottles, and curved bottles used for food, drink, medical accessories, alcohol and daily supplies. The Two Sides Labeling Machine is for products which require two labels such as oil bottles. The Round Bottle Labeling Machine can wrap labels fully or half way only. The Flat Surface Label Applicator is for all kinds of products which need to be flat labelled. OPP, as well as BOPP raw materials, whole rolls , such as coated paper labels can be used on machines. Meanwhile, the introduction of human-machine interface (HMI) to all these packaging equipment has been the biggest advantage. For this, Gold Great Good uses the latest generation of PLC control system – powerful online monitoring and system self-diagnosis functions, but also very user-friendly and simple to operate. It also ensures the machine has precise cutting and positioning functions, so printing electric eye points when labelling is unnecessary. Sharing successful experience "Professional talents and design innovation are our lifeblood, but there are no shortcuts. We must build our strength step by step in a pragmatic manner. We visit packaging exhibitions around the world to obtain new information, understand the market pulses and needs, and provide future R&D direction,” Mr Linhui. “Assisting customers in solving difficulties is the second step in innovative research and development. In the past, these two practices have increased the strength of our product quality and also obtained customer satisfaction,” he concluded. 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